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THE STORY OF Lässig Design Büro

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ウェディングフラワー、結婚式、フローリスト | レッシグデザインビュロ | 神戸市

We want you to stick to all wedding coordination.

I have started from Lässig Design Büro from such feelings.Every kind of couple has the color appropriate for two people.

What from which which other couples are different is that?

We say well, that the party remembered for a long time needs a story with a theme sense.

However all couples.I find the necessity to compose a party based on a theme different from a person not to be decided.

If I become a word... burden, I'll abandon my original wedding.

For doing a thing different from a person.

When two people pile a favorite thing up, and there is uniformity in a material of the one and one.

Surely, the wedding party is left for the guest's memory.

We're only one person in the creator who has in all over the world.

After the item which is included and invented and coordination get a heart for you.

I should be very much obliged if it apply to contents of an original party exactly.

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